Best Price = Great Service (goes the extra mile)

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Best Price = Great Service (goes the extra mile)

Post by D in PHL on Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:44 am

I bought my wife's engagement ring from Cut Rate Diamonds in March of 2006. I'm an internet junkie and searched far and wide to find the best deal on diamonds. Cut Rate Diamonds was the clear price leader (Blue Nile wasn't even in the ballpark). But it wasn't until I started working with Barry Moskowitz that I found just how great they were. He provided the advice I needed re: trade-offs among the 5 C's then search his inventory and others to find me the right diamond at a unbeatable price. He even had a setting designed from a picture I had taken off the internet. The final product was BEAUTIFUL.

We were so please the product and service that we naturally went back to Barry M. when we bought the wedding bands. I recommend that you check out the prices elsewhere first, then go to Cut Rate and Barry to get the deal, service and diamond of your dreams.

D in PHL

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