Its beautiful!

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Its beautiful!

Post by ChadK on Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:51 am

It is beautiful! The entire ring, diamond and setting, exceeded what I expected. The stone is gorgeous; the setting is tapered and elegant. I had local jewelers (some even friends, ha) tell me the setting would be bulky, poor finish and not elegant, well you proved them wrong. They said, there was no way I could get a ring like that, diamond, at that price. You again proved them wrong. I had a jeweler in my building look at the ring, and he said he could not have bought that diamond for that price. I had local jewelers who I know tell me there was no way I'd get that ring, at that quality, for anywhere near the price I got it. Well, again you proved them all wrong. The ring is beautiful. I gave it to her yesterday, and I caught her looking at it and admiring it every time I looked at her.

Barry, thank you for your patience, excellent work and honesty. I was very leery about buying over the internet and wiring money, but my experience with you exceeded what I expected from local friends in the jewelry business. I have and will continue to recommend you to others.



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