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Custom Engagement Ring

Post by MichaelT on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:55 pm

In a nutshell...
5 years ago, prior to getting engaged, I did my homework and learned as much as I could about diamonds. I knew exactly what I wanted, I knew how much I wanted to spend and I even had a picture of an antique ring that I really liked. I went everywhere! I mean everywhere! Yes, including all over the jewelery district. It ended up that Either it was unjustifiably expensive or they just couldn't deliver on the task. Finally I stumbled across cutrate(actually at the time I think it was cutdiamond) on the net. It was a long shot but it seemed that I was getting closer to the source...Which definitely ended up being the case! They literally had a room filled with old pros filing down stones. Plus the sales rep/tour guide/owner(Barry Moskowitz) ended up being able to deliver on ALL FRONTS. He literally took the picture that I brought and got someone to replicate the setting for me. The artisan(what ever you call him) ended up doing a flawless job. The ring is one of a kind! Not to mention that Barry also sold me a beautiful high quality 3+ carat stone for a very reasonable price. To conclude, it is 5 years later, the compliments haven't slowed down, the wife cherishes it and I KNOW that I got a great deal! A great deal from a complete stranger!

Barry was honest, professional and a trustworthy gentleman in all of our dealings.
Thank you once again, Barry!

Michael Tzezailidis
Customer Service Representative and President
Jezalin's Inc.
A Classy New York Based Signature Gift Crate Company.


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