Look no further! (MUST READ!!!)

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Look no further! (MUST READ!!!)

Post by CFalatko on Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:02 am

Buying diamonds online can be a daunting task..... if you let it be. Or, you can make it relatively easy, safe, and well worth the $$$$$ saved in the end. I have used Cut Rate/Kobe Mark Jewelers for the past 4yrs for all of these reasons.

I live in Northern Virginia/DC Metro area, and I used to buy my jewelry from local jewelers...like most people. But when it came time for my best friend to get engaged, I helped him look for a loose diamond. I found Cut Rate Diamonds online and started talking to Barry(owner). When I first talked to Barry he told me something that has held true, and has made me a life-long customer. He said he would always be honest, have the best prices, and would personally inspect the diamonds I was interested in before he would recommend which one I should purchase. Needless to say, my best friend gave Barry the diamond size, cut, clarity, and color he was interested in, and in just a few days Barry had a number of stones. He held each one in hand, and made a clear recommendation. My friend purchased the stone, and it was shipped overnight.
When it arrived we both were extremely impressed! I know a little more than most when it comes to diamonds, and this was truly a well cut GIA stone with perfect proportions and tons of fire. I was sold on Barry's promise of honesty and attention to detail. ****FYI, we just wanted to compare the final price with that of the 2 largest diamond "Importers" in the DC area Mervis and Charleston Alexander.....ummmm not even close! For the same shape, color, clarity, and GIA grades both Mervis and Charleston's prices were between $31-33k Barry's price was $21K. That's not a small difference....that's a car my friends!
After a while, it was time for me to get engaged too, and I gave Barry a call. Now that I had a good experience with my friend's diamond, I decided to purchase a loose diamond from Barry and then have him make a custom ring for the stone. This is a whole different ballgame from just buying a stone. It takes someone that knows diamonds very well to recommend a stone, but it takes much more to incorporate someone's ideas of what they want and make a ring. We started looking for the diamond, and it took a little while because I was looking for something very specific. Barry always sent me updates/possible stones/ideas and when the perfect stone became available he sent me a copy of the GIA cert, and a number of photos of the actual stone. It was perfect, and well worth the self-imposed wait. Barry started working with his jeweler, and they made a CAD (computer image) of the ring and sent it to me. It looked great, but we made a couple small changes and got it exactly right. The ring was made to absolute perfection, and was not a simple design by any means. My fiance freaked-out when I gave it to her on the beach in Wrightsville, NC.
I've never written a review, for anything to be honest, but had to for Barry. He's a good guy and stands by his word.

Thanks Barry,


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