LOVE our new diamond!

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LOVE our new diamond!

Post by Taylor on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:50 am

Steve and Barry,

We received the diamond on Friday as promised and haven’t been able to take our eyes off of it since! It is everything we both wanted and more! We took the diamond to a local jeweler that we’ve done business with before and he was very impressed with the diamond and offered his opinion that we got a fabulous deal! (It took him a bit using the loupe to find any inclusions in this 100% eye clean VS2 diamond!!!) We then took the diamond to another jeweler and chuckled as we watched the raising eyebrows and facial expressions of some of the sales staff as we waited for the jeweler to look over the stone! If we didn’t already know what a beautiful diamond we had, we certainly got our confirmation by the reactions of some industry professionals! We can’t wait to have the diamond mounted in my setting! Steve – thank you so much for your time and advice in selecting this diamond and especially for your follow up call on your own personal time! Our experience couldn’t have been better and we will certainly spread the news about CRD to anyone we know looking for beautiful diamonds and TOP quality service! Thanks so much!

Rob and Kathi Taylor

1.21 GIA H VS2 Princess Cut


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